Looking North towards Rich Hill
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These are the famous Rich Hill Gold placers. Known for large nuggets of high karat gold. These placers are being actively worked and have many treasures still to be revealed. Click HERE for more history and pictures.




View of Stanton and Rich Hill from the West
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Stanton in the left center with the Miner Diggins #1 Claim (outlined in red) on Rich Hill

The first copies of Rich Hill FootPrint have a free claim pass to the Miner Diggins #1 gold placer claim courtesy of the claim owner Calvin "Bunk" Bunker of Bunk's Arizona Prospecting. Bunk is one of the finest prospecting outfitters in the Southwest, and he's a really nice guy. If you see him at Stanton say hi, you won't regret it!

Rich Hill FootPrint provides more than 50 square miles of the best Rich Hill gold map available, over 400 Mineral Claims and Patents mapped to their actual boundaries. and more than 20 interactive mapping layers including display of your GPS tracks and waypoints. All available without an Internet connection. Know where you can prospect. Plan your trip to get the most out of your valuable prospecting time. Print the maps YOU create and spend your time prospecting instead of wondering. Do your research before prospecting and get that crucial edge that will get you the GOLD!

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