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2013 Annual Mining Claims Filing Guidelines - from MinerDiggins

Need help understanding what documents are required to filed each year to maintain your Federal Mining Claim?

MinerDiggins has created a flow chart and some simple guidelines to help you through the process. This document applies to the year 2013 and should give you a good basic understanding of what needs to be completed each year.

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Demystifying the LR2000

A Series of MinerDiggins Tutorials to help you navigate the BLM's LR2000.

Part One: Understanding the Serial Register Page

Part Two: Finding Active Claims By Township, Range & Section

Part Three: Finding Information on an Individual Mining Claim

The Need for Speed - Defragging Your Computer

We want FootPrints to run quick & snappy on your computer.

Have you ever noticed that over time your computer seems to slow...down..? Well, it does if you don't periodically run a simple maintenance routine that defragments your hard drive.

Clay can tell you all about this simple process that will make your maps (and your computer) zing!

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