Golden Belt Mine on Turkey Creek



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Map your way to some Arizona Gold!

The Eastern Bradshaw Mountains have produced thousands of ounces of placer and lode gold since the early days of Arizona mining.

Prospect the rich placers of Turkey Creek, Black Canyon and Bumblebee Creek. Visit the historic mining towns of Cleator, Bumblebee, Palace Station and Goodwin. Rediscover the many historic lode mines in the area. The Golden Belt, De Soto, Peck, Golden Turkey, the Treasure King and many more.

The East Bradshaw FootPrint leads you to thousands of acres of public land open to prospecting and claiming. Included are map layers showing Land Ownership, current Placer and Lode Claims, as well as Mineral Withdrawals.

With over 50 selectable map layers designed for prospectors, a huge searchable database, detailed reports & documents, tools for measuring & drawing, and GPS capabilities, you have everything you need to print yourself a custom gold map.

Historic Placers and Lodes

Historic gold locations are easily found with our custom map layer showing Mineral Patents granted for Proven gold lands. Copies of each Mineral Survey are included, identifying shafts, cuts, adits, mine building locations and more.

A well-researched and documented mines layer tells you where the mines are and details their history with copies of documents detailing mining and production history.



East Bradshaw FootPrint - All the Details

MinerDiggins has mapped in detail, 205 square miles of the Bradshaw Mountains. Focusing on the Eastern flank of the Bradshaws, this map connects our North Bradshaw FootPrint in the north near Mayer, Arizona to our Black Canyon City FootPrint on the southern border.

With over 50 selectable map layers to choose from, you will see the Bradshaw mountains in whole new ways. Here is a just a sample of what map layers are available. (Click for Full Layer List)

Especially for the Prospector: Placer & Lode Claims, Mineral Withdrawals, Mineral Patents and Geology.

Base Layers: Aerial Imagery, Topo Maps, Shaded Relief and more.

Transportation: Roads & Trails

Land Status: Ownership, Patents, Township, Range & Section.

Hydrology: Washes, Flood Simulation (Flow), Wetness, Water Basins and Waterbodies

And by the way, did I mention the searchable database to help you find what you are looking for?

And...detailed geologic maps & reports, detailed mining history, land patent documents, mineral surveys, actual claims location filings. The list goes on.

FootPrints puts you miles ahead on your pathway to the gold!

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Mining History of the East Bradshaws