Little San Domingo

The San Domingo District has the largest recorded placer gold production in Maricopa County. It has produced continuously since its discovery in the 1870s. Five major gold bearing washes drain the mountains in the north to the Hassayampa River. Access to the southern part of this area is very easy and many prospecting clubs have claims here.


Black Canyon City

The Black Canyon City FootPrint covers portions of the Agua Fria and New River Mining Districts. Black Canyon drains the many gold bearing areas of the southeastern Bradshaw Mountains into the Agua Fria at Black Canyon City. Placers have been worked here since at least the 1850's. The surrounding mountains are highly mineralized and extremely rugged. Being difficult territory to work, much of the area remains virtually unworked. Many modern day nugget hunters have been pleasantly rewarded for a little hard work.



Vulture West

The Vulture Mountain Range is the place where the famous Vulture Mine was discovered by Henry Wickenburg in 1863. The Vulture Mine is said to be the most productive gold mine in Arizona. It is also one of the earliest gold mines in Arizona drawing the California Forty-Niners east to the new Territory. Active on and off until the war effort of 1942 shut down gold mines all over the United States it produced gold worth over $2,000,000.


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